Custom Wera Ratchet Update - (Pre-order info)

Custom Wera Ratchet Update - (Pre-order info)

Update: 10/10/23

The latest for the pre-order. If you ordered a ratchet of gold, black, or both those have either shipped or are packaged to ship.  If you got a Tool Check kit look for an email in the next few hours from me.

The tool checks were going to get EDC Outlaw logo and your name etched onto them.  This was pretty much an added benefit of doing the pre-order.  Unfortunately plastic can be tricky to laser sometimes.  It's dependent on the formulation used during the injection process. There is a difference in the formulation of the cases on this batch and the previous ones I did initially.  Extensive testing of parameters and setups were conducted to try and achieve the same results but the underlying problem is the case formulation being different.  

There are 3 options at this point. 1) I can laser your name with a different (darker) look. 2) I can ship order without any laser on cases. 3) I can cancel your order and issue a refund.

This isn't what I wanted to inform you of with the update but that's where it has landed unfortunately.  Please look for the email soon with your options.  Thanks.





Doing a pre-order can sometimes be a little tough to handle and work out timelines for unless I put a crazy long lead time for the items.  I try to make it a reasonable time frame but sometimes things are drug down by tool availability and delays in processes down the line.

The pre-order for this batch was to be shipped out between 9/25-10/2.  At this time there is still a chance that items will ship out by 10/2 but not 100% at the moment. Due to a typo in the original listing that refunds can be offered if not shipped by 9/30 instead of 10/2. I can offer that if you wish beginning 10/1.  I definitely do not expect the tools to be more than 2 weeks late at the moment.  

For the Tool-Check custom kits it was setup to be shipped out by 10/9 or I would offer refunds if you would like.  These should be on track to ship as well.

Thank you for your support and I hope to update you soon.

See below "text in blue" for original listing information on the pre-order for the customized ratchets.


Please read this description and reach out to ask any questions/concerns prior to purchasing.


This is a pre-order for a Wera 8001 1/4" Bit Ratchet in your choice of coating. Pre-order will close on 8/14. Turn around time is expected to be 6 weeks or less ( 9/25) but could be longer pending inventory availability. If tools aren't ready to ship by (10/2) I will offer a refund if desired.

Pre-Order Bonus: Get 1 Free Ed Cyclops sticker with each order.


TiN coated to give the Gold finish.

DLC coated to give the Black finish.

These finishes provide a very tough, durable, but not indestructible finish. With heavy use you will notice wear in high wear areas such as around the handles and on the hard edges of the head. At the end of the day it is still a coating so wear, scratches, and scuffs are to be expected when being used. This can really add to the character of the tool and by some is a desired affect.

Name add on not available for this item.

Product Notes:

  • Again PVD and DLC is a tough finish but it is not indestructible.
  • These would be considered heavily modified by normal standards and will therefore
  • void any warranty.
  • To clean the pliers of dirt and grime rub with Isopropyl Alcohol on a microfiber towel
  • or your preferred tool cleaner. 91% IPA evaporates quickly and doesn't leave any
  • residue.
  • Listing is for 1 custom ratchet and 1/4" socket adapter.
  • All sales final and no returns are accepted due to the custom nature of the tools.
  • Refund of order can be requested if not shipped by 9/30.
  • Parts colors and distressing may vary batch to batch.
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