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Grounded - Colored Cobra XS

Grounded - Colored Cobra XS

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Colored Cobra XS is the perfect choice for taking EDC pocket dumps to the next level. It is an eye-catching, quality Knipex piece that is sure to make a statement in any tool collection. These pliers aren't designed for heavy-duty use, but are coated with Cerakote - a tough ceramic-based finish commonly used on firearms - to give them a sleek and stylish look. Though durable, Cerakote may wear in high-use areas such as around the handles and hard edges of the jaws, and might even scratch or scuff over time - adding character and charm to the tool.

Ground symbol deep engraved and then coated.

    Product Notes:

    • Again Cerakote is a tough finish but it is not indestructible.
    • These would be considered heavily modified by normal standards and will therefore void any warranty.
    • To clean the pliers of dirt and grime rub with Isopropyl Alcohol on a microfiber towel. 91% IPA evaporates quickly and doesn't leave any residue.
    • Listing is for 1 custom Cobra XS (87-100) 
    • All sales final and no returns are accepted due to the custom nature of the tools.
    • Parts colors and distressing may vary batch to batch.


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