EDC Outlaw

Quick-Key (ˈkwikē) Bit

When paired with a tool such as the Wera 813R you can have a sweet key fob and a very useful tool. The bit can be removed from the ring or left on and used with keys still attached.

Be ready to save the day with a Quick-Key bit on your keychain. The bit can also be driven with the keyring to adjust fasteners and is also still compatible to be used with a standard 1/4" hex bit driver.

These are custom modified Wera screwdriver bits that I machine the hole in a strategically located position that provides a good grip when used as a keyring driver and still useable for use in bit drivers. I laser engrave my logo into them as well.

Listing is for quantity of 1 modified and nickel plated bit with 1 split key ring.

Screwdriver bit handle and keys not included with purchase.

Product Notes:

*The bits are not meant for heavy duty use such as in an impact driver. These are still very strong bits for the intended use but are not heavy duty bits and are not meant to be used as such.

* These would be considered heavily modified by normal standards and will therefore void any warranty.

*Due to custom nature of the tools all sales are final.



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