EDC Outlaw

PCB Cobra XS

Add more style and prestige to your EDC or tool collection.

PCB pattern on 4" Knipex Cobra XS Pliers. The 87 01 100 pliers are small enough to use as your daily pocket carry and big enough for many tasks at hand with a 1" working capacity.

The XS is the newest Cobra from Knipex and the smallest water pump pliers available. While the pattern doesn't technically make them perform any better they absolutely look awesome and will command attention.

The pattern is lasered directly to the metal. The lighter color is actually the steel material being exposed underneath the black coating. The exposed metal may get darker and the black coating may get lighter over time causing a fading look. Please keep the tools dry and oiled to prevent rust.


Product Notes:

*Please be aware that the laser engraving removes the atramentized coating (black corrosion preventative coating) which means the pliers could and may rust quicker in those areas. We recommend some minor maintenance by applying a light oil (such as a mineral oil) and dry as you see fit during your use. This will make the markings a little darker but they will still be there. There are many oils and rust inhibitors on the market so please use the ones you prefer or have experience with.

** These would be considered heavily modified by normal standards and will therefore void any warranty.

*To clean the pliers of dirt and grime, rub with Isopropyl Alcohol on a microfiber towel or your preferred tool cleaner. 91% IPA evaporates quickly to get moisture off the surface and doesn't leave any residue. This also strips any oils off the pliers so please remember to re-apply oil based on your needs to help inhibit rust and corrosion.

** Do not use any rust removers such as evapo-rust on these. It will destroy the finish of the product.

*Listing is for 1 Knipex Cobra XS.

**All sales final and no returns are accepted due to the custom nature of the tools.



All shipping will be done with United States Postal Service using First Class Service. Note: USPS is citing Covid delays.

USA (1-3 days)
International (1-3 weeks)
Taxes/duties/customs fees due to local government is the responsibility of recipient.

Shipping days are Tuesday & Thursday. Please allow 3 business days for packaging & handling.


* Disclaimer: EDC Outlaw is not affiliated with KNIPEX tools in any way. We get these genuine Knipex brand tools through our preferred German tool supplier At which point we modify and sell directly to you as a custom tool.