EDC Outlaw
$9.99 - $17.99

Mutant Tradesman Stickers

Finally adding sticker packs of my awesome Mutant Tradesmen series.


Ed Cyclops was a general handyman that suffered a severe accident and began morphing into a cyclops mutant. He is the one that goes around and steals all the 10mm sockets. The world phenomenon has been solved. We can alleviate the socket stealing by keeping Ed happy by placing him on stickerwalls or on toolboxes.

Edison is an electrician by trade and the Sparky nickname really fits since he has mutated. Prepped with his voltmeter and insulated tools he is ready for the job at hand... He has the "Power".

Character sticker packs will consist of :
1 - 4" character vinyl sticker (Cyclops or Sparky)
1 - 3" character holographic sticker (Cyclops or Sparky)
1 - Busted EDC Outlaw logo sticker
1 - EDC Outlaw logo sticker

Combo character packs will consist of:
2 - 4" character vinyl stickers ( 1-Cyclops & 1- Sparky)
2 - 3" character holographic sticker (1-Cyclops & 1- Sparky)
2 - Busted EDC Outlaw logo sticker
2 - EDC Outlaw logo sticker

Choose a character or combo in the options.