EDC Outlaw

Leather Cobra Slip

This is a leather pocket slip designed specifically for the 5" Cobra pliers. It makes carrying pliers in your pocket a bit easier and prevents them from scratching anything else.

I worked with Paul of Spaceman Leather to develop these and they are handcrafted in PA out of chrome tanned full grain cow hide. The black leather is a 3oz weight and the chestnut is a 4oz weight and both are handsewn with a bonded nylon thread. Both come with a black paracord lanyard attached.

Other tools tested to work:

4" pliers will fit in the slip as well but will drop deep into them. I will have a 3d printed spacer coming very soon for them.

6" pliers wrench will also fit keeping all the metal covered, but the handles will stick up beyond the top of leather pouch.