EDC Outlaw

EDC Outlaw/ Distressed USA Flag -- Lanyard Bead

Grab yourself a nice lanyard bead to add to your gear from EDC Outlaw and show off your American Pride with a distressed flag.

I laser engrave these beads with my logo on 2 sides and a distressed American Flag on the other 2 sides. These work great on the leather slips, any tools/knives/gear with a paracord lanyard, and as zipper pulls.

These beads are anodized aluminum with a maroon color (almost the same as a Dr. Pepper can).

Accommodates 2 strands of 550 paracord with the following size specifications:

Bore .250" (6,36mm)
Length .750" (19,05mm)
Diameter .488" (12,41mm)

This listing is for 1 single bead.