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6" Pliers Wrench w/ Honeycomb Pattern

6" Pliers Wrench w/ Honeycomb Pattern
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Add some style and extra flair to your EDC or tool kit.

Honeycomb pattern on 6" Knipex Pliers Wrench. The 86 03 150 pliers are small enough to use as your daily pocket carry but with a 1" working capacity big enough to fit right in with the other tools in your tool bag. These are already a popular and excellent tool and while the Honeycomb pattern doesn't technically make them perform any better they absolutely look awesome and will command attention.

The Honeycomb pattern is permanently lasered onto the chrome. The marking does not remove the chrome coating but discolors it creating a permanent non damaging pattern on the pliers. This pattern will not rub off under normal use and would require sanding, grinding, or filing to actually remove. The colors of the pattern will vary across the pliers some areas will be darker than others and from tool to tool will be slightly different making each one unique. Colors will range from a bronze to deep purples that are almost black.

Each piece marked with EDC Outlaw and Serial Number


Product Notes:

* These would be considered heavily modified by normal standards and will therefore void any warranty.

**All sales final and no returns are accepted due to the custom nature of the tools.


All shipping will be done with United States Postal Service using First Class Service. Note: USPS is citing Covid delays.

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** Disclaimer: EDC Outlaw is not affiliated with KNIPEX tools in any way. We get these genuine Knipex brand tools through our preferred German tool supplier At which point we modify and sell directly to you as a custom tool.